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Multiplication Tricks and Tips

by Vikrama Dhiman
Posted on 28 October, 2009

Multiplication is one of the tasks, we have to perform everyday.

These days we rely on calculators on mobile or computers.

Sometimes, you want things done on your fingers or mind.

What are some common tricks and tips of multiplication? Can Vedic Maths help us in this regards?

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by The Vedic Maths Forum India posted on 28 October, 2009
Sure....Vedic Maths can help you do Multiplication at the back of your fingertips!

In vedic Maths there are 16 sutras and 13 upasutras. Sutras are like Word Formulaes adn UpaSutras are like their corollaries.

For Multiplication you have

1) The Base Method which uses the All from 9 and last from 10 Sutra
through this you can multiply numbers like 98 x 97 in less than 5 secs flat!

2) Vertically & Crosswise :- Through this you can Multiply practically any number by anynumber! Remember Shakuntala Devi...this was her Trade Secret which she shared in her book The Joy of Numbers

3) Loads of Smaller Sub-Sutras are there.which I will discuss in the Carnival.

Till then you can view some tutorials on our website

I will soon upload some in the Tutorial section here!

by The Vedic Maths Forum India posted on 18 November, 2010
Yes! Vivek u r right.
Infact there are 16 Formulas ( Sutras) and 13 Corollaries Known as ( Sub-Sutras in the system.)
by Vivek Shukla posted on 10 May, 2010
there are many more tricks and techniques for multipication in vedic maths sutras.
by Martin45 posted on 05 March, 2016
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